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Fixing an Accu-Slide That Won’t Completely Open/Close

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Duration:   2  mins

Over time, the cables on your RV’s Accu-Slide cable slide room will loosen due to repeated opening and closing. This slackening may result in your Accu-Slide not retracting and extending to its fullest capability, which can lead to leaking, molding and other unwanted scenarios.

That’s why the Accu-Slide comes equipped with instructions for adjusting all four corners in order to ensure a tighter seal upon closing and fuller extension upon opening. Each corner must be adjusted in a different way to achieve the desired outcome, which means it’s highly important to understand what you should do to the gears and cables before making any changes.

Adjusting the Corners on a Slide Room

In this lesson, RVing expert Dave Solberg teaches you how to adjust the corners on your Accu-Slide cable slide room by following the instructions listed for each corner. You’ll discover why each corner must be handled in its own way, and learn the proper order for each adjustment. Follow along and take advantage of Dave’s tips, and you’ll be able to make the proper changes to fully extend and retract your slide room in just a matter of minutes!

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