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An Overview of the RV Waste Tank

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The RV waste tank is a vital component of any RV when it comes to having a good time and keeping your peace of mind while out touring the country. In fact, a well-cared-for RV waste tank is perhaps the most important for a comfortable and clean ride.

You can find the RV waste tank in various spots throughout an RV based upon the size of the rig, and the requirements of the waste and water removal systems you utilize on your vehicle. While the location of RV waste tanks may vary, the dump valves or dump station will always be located on the driver’s side of the vehicle. This is designed to keep the odor, smell, and mess that can be associated with dumping the tanks away from the patio or entertaining side of the rig.

To demonstrate some of the basics of the RV waste tank, Dave Solberg shows you what to look for when you’re taking care of your RV’s waste management components. First things first, Dave walks you through an overview of the standard parts you’ll see on an RV waste tank , including the gray water tank (responsible for sink and shower wastewater), black water tank (responsible for the toilet), and the probes used for reading the current waste level in each unit.

Then, Dave pulls out a waste removal hose and attaches it to the bayonet to show you how to properly prepare to drain the RV waste tank. The procedure is fairly simple, you just have to make sure everything is correctly connected and all parts are in working condition. Likewise, you should always remember to wear waterproof protective gloves when dealing with the RV waste tank to avoid any harmful pathogens.

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