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Redwood National Park: California at its Wildest

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There are certain places on Earth that make us marvel at the true power of Mother Nature and contemplate the wonders of this planet. Whether it’s their scale or their beauty, these natural creations are awe-inspiring and regal. Such is the case of Redwood National Park, where ancient wooden behemoths loom large over a spectacular coast and serve as vigilant watchmen of the Pacific. This land of untamed plant- and animal life is a testament to the splendor and vitality of preserved forest. Redwood National Park is California at its most beautiful.

Walking amongst giants at Redwood National Park

To think, this could have all been completely wiped from the face of the earth. Before the state and federal government stepped in and enacted laws that protected the nearly 30,000 acres of irreplaceable forest that make up Redwood National Park, almost 90% of the centuries-old trees had been destroyed. Years of logging brought this forest to its knees, until preservationists took over and saved this great landmark.

Now, roughly 1,500 years old, Redwood National Park thrives on the northern California coastline, offering up some of the most remarkable scenery and outdoor adventure in the United States. Redwood National boasts thousands of the tallest recorded redwoods on the planet, including one that reaches almost 400 feet (its whereabouts are kept secret for its protection).

Visitors of Redwood National Park can trek at the feet of these thirsty mammoths by way of a rigorous hike to Tall Trees Grove or a calming stroll through the narrows of Fern Canyon. Come out on the other side of the forest, and you’ll find yourself in Elk Prairie, which sprawls out before the mighty Pacific Ocean and is home to herds of Roosevelt elk, the largest species of elk in North America.

Whether you’re looking to breathe the crisp air of towering redwoods or you hope to spot rare breeds of birds and other wildlife, Redwood National Park is a welcome getaway for those in search of the unbelievable wonders of nature.

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